We are looking for great imaginative contributors.

Updated: Nov 6, 2017

We are looking for great imaginative contributors for our new creative kids magazine. This can be stories, poetry, comics, book reviews and ideas by teachers, children's, authors, illustrators, educators and other creative talent. Get your kids involved.

Issue two is about HOMES AROUND THE WORLD but we are open to all story ideas. Here are some ideas.

What is it like to live in another country? How different is your home compared to where you were born? Do you have two homes? One you visit only at the weekends or during holidays? Do you have friends all around the world?

Little Buffalo magazine is a new children’s magazine for learning English through creativity.

Aimed at 5+, our newly formed magazine takes an imaginative approach to teaching, focusing on creative techniques to stimulate learning and with an emphasis on cultural and ethical exploration.

Submission details

Please do read this section carefully before you submit!

We publish a children’s magazine and creative projects for children from 4-8 year olds. We mainly focus for children KS1. We’re looking for “parent-friendly books and ideas”, and we don’t publish books with explicit sex, drug use or serious violence, so no edgy YA or edgy cross-over.

The successful applicants will be contacted. Sorry but you will not be contacted if you haven't be successful.

Please send all work to

For book reviews, has your child or class read a great book and want to write a review for other children to read.

For stories, we either have them written on word document or email a photograph of the story.

For illustrations and comics, here are the requirements.

Format (all measurements in mm)

Full Page: 210W x 250H

All files with colour running till the edges of the page must include bleeds of 3mm on all sides.

Full Page (w/ bleeds): 216W x 256H.

Please note that any detail in the bleeds will be cropped when the magazine is printed.


We strongly recommend you fit all of the relevant content on the page within certain margin of 12mm on each side of the page.

Digital Files

Little Buffalo is printed using four-colour process. Artwork may be submitted electronically in one of the following file formats:

TIFF files/

• at least 300 dpi resolution at print size•

• colour mode must be set to CMYK or grayscale•

PDF, Adobe Illustrator or EPS files

• colour mode must be set to CMYK or grayscale•

• fonts must be embedded or changed to outlines•

• please include all imported artwork whether embedded or linked•

• any embedded rasterised artwork must be at least 300 dpi resolution at print•

We do accept JPEG files but they are not recommended

• at least 300 dpi resolution at print size•

• colour mode must be set to CMYK or grayscale•

• JPEG quality must be set to maximum•

Published work will be featured individually as part of Little Buffalo’s social media content, to include links.

No artwork can be returned.

Please supply digital files only.

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