Helping EAL students in school

We are very excited to announce that we will be supporting over 120 children across England with their literacy skills. Working with mentors in primary schools, Little Buffalo will be tested on children who are learning English as a foreign language, gaining confidence in their reading and writing skills.

We aim to work with various community projects to develop a great resource for children learning English.

There are currently over a million learners of English as an additional language in UK maintained schools and many more in independent schools, and teaching EAL students is the area of work newly qualified teachers say they feel least equipped for. So let us assist you in the classroom.

Little Buffalo has designed its own syllabus influenced by both the British national curriculum and the British Council's Nexus program. It ensures coverage of all the key skills central to gaining English proficiency. Our structured program develops vocabulary, story telling and creative development, grammar and phonics.

Each feature and activity is linked to a syllabus objective and each issue covers a wide variety of curriculum areas.

Every Little Buffalo magazine comes with lesson plans, useful for both teachers and independent practice; clear learning objectives are presented and skills are summarised and tested in the additional resources included.

We aim to improve their reading and English ability.

Inspire confidence in their own ability.

Increase their enjoyment of learning and confidence

If you would like to get your school involved, please drop us a line at