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Once you receive a copy of the magazine, you will see how you can use it for both individual learning and reading sessions.


We want to inspire children to be artistic as well as think about the world we live in because we believe that creativity is an important key to unlocking ability, understanding and expression.


Little Buffalo takes an imaginative approach to teaching, focusing on creative techniques to stimulate learning and with an emphasis on cultural and ethical exploration.

British and cultural values are also threaded through the issues highlighting and understand democracy, tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, mutual respect and the importance of laws.


Each issue of the magazine is themed and introduces children to various English and creative subjects in many different ways, from stories, activities, cooking, jokes, songs, poetry and games.

It develops grammar, reading, phonics and writing.


International schools

Little Buffalo is great for international schools, so children can use us for classroom reading to support kids who have English as a second language.

We take inspiration from the worldwide variety of cultures to help children gain an appreciation for the world around them. We teach various cultural folk stories, creative thinking, intercultural and ethical understanding under the arts umbrella.

And it's this that makes us an ideal resource for international schools.


If you are interested in subscribing for your school, partnering with us to publish and distribute Little Buffalo in your country or have any questions – please email us at

Each issue features;                


  • Art adventures with characters Pixel and Ink. Discover new visual ways of seeing the city. 


  • Around the world - A section of various illustrations based on a theme. e.g. School uniforms around the world. Homes around the world.


  • A-Z of ___ - An A- z of various topics such as food, colours and how to become an artist every other issue.


  • Grammar galore, reviewing basic grammar forms.


  • Uncle Marcel. A conversational comic with a child and his uncle Marcel. Highlighting the role of an uncle and bringing confidence into the role of speaking.


  • Once upon a time.- Understand how to make stories with characters and plots.


  • Every issue will review skills or story development structures.


At 6 - 8 years old is the age of curiosity, creativity and children automatically have a natural interest in creating things.       

They have no preconceptions of the world, and still question everything around them. At Little Buffalo, we want to courage and preserve this for as long as possible.


To learn more about the story of Little Buffalo, please read it here.